Ministry of Defence


AAF requires the recruited personnel to have the highest qualities for serving in the Armed Forces, as being a complete professional volunteer Force. AF will recruit professional soldiers with necessary knowledge in accordance with work requirements, specific specialities, by improving the procedures and policies of admission, giving priority to individuals with high education, unique abilities and qualities for specific specialities.
The recruitment to become a professional soldier in the AF, will offer equal chances, with no racial, ethnicity, colour, gender, religion belief discrimination, as well as payment, profits, and other compensations according to specific military services.
Professional soldier recruitment will be carried out in a concentrated way to complete the AF structures.
The selection of the most suitable participants will be performed based on medical, physical and intelligence abilities, according to defined standards and procedures. The General Staff of the AF will review the tests in November, every year, and will adapt them in accordance with the Forces’ needs for personnel. Since 2012, the categories of the intelligence test will be enlarged in order to test the supplementary individual abilities according to the requirements of each speciality.

Acceptance Criteria:

Nationality:    Albanian
Age:                  19-30 years old
Education:      High/University degree
Length:            Males over 165 cm, females over 161 cm
Health certificate: By the Military Hospital in Tirana (in good health)    
Free of law penalties: not being under investigation
To have the right to exercise his/her profession/public administration activity by law
To successfully pass the physical and intelligence test

Application Form:

A written application where you should include: family background, social status, reasons why you want to become a professional soldier, unit you want to serve, your hobbies, etc.

  • ID photocopy
  • Family Certificate.
  • Photocopy of high school diploma, University (if you have), notarized and signed by the District Education Directory.
  • Document of your professional ability (if you have any).
  • Certificate by the prosecution for not being under investigation.
  • Penalty Certificate.
  • Certificate from the Court that you are not under investigation.
  • Medical report from the Military Hospital.
  • Coloured photo, 2 pieces 4 X 6 cm and 2 pieces 9 X 12 cm.

Citizens who want to apply for professional soldiers have to be head to the recruitment Centre.
In the Recruitment center, the candidate hands in the necessary documentation, fills in the Application form No. 1 and the Questionnaire for a professional soldier in the Armed Forces of the RA.
After a pre-check verification, the Recruitment centre delivers the documentation to the Personnel Recruitment Centre. If there are no problems in the application, the Recruitment Centre calls you for the presentation date to continue with the intelligent and physical tests.

Harta e qendrave të rekrutimit sipas qarqevePhysical and intelligent tests are organized in the Personnel Recruitment Centre. The applicants are recruited as professional soldiers in order to successfully pass the verification and test process. In the Personnel Recruitment Centre the candidate will take the intelligent and physical test and will also be interviewed.

The physical test is divided according to age and gender in order to get 60 points (minimum) in each test. If the candidate cannot pass the physical test, he is not qualified.
The physical test includes:

  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Running 3240 m

The qualifying test of the Armed Forces (QTAF) defines the general level of the candidate for becoming a professional soldier. QTAF includes two part math test and two part reading and paragraph test.

  • Math reasoning                         30 questions
  • Word Checking                          35 questions
  • Paragraph Comprehension  15 questions
  • Math understanding                25 questions

In total, 105 questions and 155 points
The Minimum points of qualification are 78.

Interview is part of the selection procedures, by means of which the Commission evaluates the motivation, experience and inner communication abilities of the candidate. The Personnel Recruitment Centre is led by the motto “Recruiting the best individuals for a professional Force”, and candidates are qualified according to the classifying listing.
After the winners are announced and appointed in a unit of the AF, they will take part in the Basic Training in Bunavi, Vlora.


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